The internet is the best place to advertise your business. In the current ‘digital’ world many people have resolved to use the internet as a forum where they can communicate with many other people across the globe. It’s possible to communicate and share ideas with many different people both in the local and internationally.

Having this in mind a local businessman can decide to use this underlying chance to promote his business. One of the advantage also found in online marketing is that one is able to use brochures and other printing services which are highly know to have a ‘catchy effects on online readers and customers who can be interested in what you are promoting..


In this method of using printed materials like the brochures and the business cards, I effectively managed to advertise the pet business that I had. I had many pets that I wanted to sell though I wanted to find a way that I could reach as many customers as possible. In my case I used brochures which I designed in an attractive and eye catching way. First I took pictures of my pets from different positions. I also indicated the ages of the pets that I wanted to sell.

The effectiveness of this method that I came to realize is that it depends on the way you make and design your brochures and cards. Many readers may be attracted by nicely and attractively designed cards and by this you would have caught their attention and by doing these chances are that many people would get to read your brochures and cards. As advisable I posted my brochures in as many websites as possible so that they could reach as many readers as possible posted the brochures on as many social media networks as I could. I posted them Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Waplog, Instagram, MySpace and Tubidy.

Most of the social networks provide a good platform to post the pets. Pictures of these pets are very important because they will pose the correct physical outlook of the pets. Personal email address, contacts and the relevant information that will help the interested buyers reach unto you easily should also be provided.

Once you have met a potential buyer, it’s recommended to be careful before making any close interaction because it’s not good to trust people who you haven’t known previously. It’s important to keep in mind that some people of evil mind can decide to use such a chance to rob from you .therefore never make hasty interaction with people whom you have known with each other in online forums.

Another True Story: Turning A Passion for Pets into Major Business


To curb this I erected strong cages where it’s only me who had the access key to the cages. This ensured the security of my pets. After doing this ,the following day logged in to my email and to my surprise I already had two mails in my inbox from two requesters willing to buy some of my pets.

This came as a shock because I couldn’t imagine that somebody could have seen my brochures within such a short period made a quick response and one of the interested buyers was even ready to come to my place. As I indicated early though I had to be more careful in the manner that I related with my new customers as I couldn’t lay all my trust on them. We continued communicating and by the end of the first week I had already sold five of my pets.

This went on till up to now I can proudly tell you that ever that time I have sold over 500 pets and this gave me morale to keep more pets as I had already found a nice method to sell them. This method has worked well with me; it could also work nicely with you if you put all the procedure into action and have a good passion.